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Financial investment misunderstandings– Part 2

July 27, 2019 admin 0

By John Sage Melbourne

Misunderstanding no 3: Don’t market & you haven’t made a loss

Yet one more false impression is that you have not made a loss till you market your financial investment. Nothing can be better from the truth. If the value of an financial investment has gone down,be assured that you have made a loss back then. Likewise,there is no assurance that having held onto an financial investment that has dropped in value,that the financial investment will then go back up.

In fact the reverse is usually the case,the financial investment that has dropped in value is most often the financial investment that is more than likely to continue to decline in many circumstances,while the those financial investments that have been most resistant to a down turn in the marketplace are the ones that are more than likely to rebound as well as perform finest.

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Investment experts trading on inadequate knowledge as well as secret formulas

Perhaps among the greatest financial investment risks of all is depending on trick “how to formulas” as well as obtain abundant systems. These are seductive as they guarantee wealth,however in the back our mind we are afraid that there is some problem with the scheme. The marketers tell us that this is just our personal subconscious being rejected of wealth which if we would only tip up,wealth is waiting on us.

The majority of these obtain abundant secret formulas are flawed however,for reasons that are not noticeable to the Newbie.

As we consider each of the systems,bare in mind that there are many different of the complying with as well as an unlimited variety of labels for the systems,to ensure that a particular scheme might me presented in different terms or with a different sales pitch as well as attached with different claims.

Likewise many of systems are not just promoted by the obtain abundant secret formula expert’s. They are additionally usually suggested subtly by real estate sales people,commercially promoted by large as well as trustworthy real estate advancement companies and additionally just held as well as general misconceptions by the average building Newbie.

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Step-By-Step Guide On Fixing A Loose Toilet Tank Handle

July 24, 2019 admin 0

Toilet levers,or handles,are used several times a day; so it is no surprise that they begin to loosen overtime. Although not a serious repair,it is important to remedy a loose toilet lever because it can affect toilet performance and efficiency. Not only is a toilet with poor flushing performance unpleasant and unsanitary,its inefficiency can increase monthly water bills. Fortunately,this is generally an easy fix,and one that you can accomplish all on your own with a few simple adjustments. Continue reading to review a step-by-step guide on tightening a loose toilet tank lever.


The Tools and Materials You Will Need

To tighten up a loose toilet tank handle,you won’t require very many tools or supplies. That is because it is not a very invasive repair. Most likely,you will already have the tools necessary to get the job done. This saves you time by avoiding a trip to the local home improvement store. All you need is your own two hands and an adjustable wrench.



Start by locating the water shut-off valve for the toilet. The supply pipe and handle should be behind the tank. Turn off the water supply to the toilet by rotating the shut-off valve handle clockwise.

Once the shutoff valve is closed,remove the toilet tank lid. Grab both sides and lift upwards. It should not be sealed or connected to the toilet. Place it down slowly on a flat,stable surface so you do not crack or break it.

You will now need to empty the tank of water. Do this by simply flushing the toilet with the handle. It is easier to adjust a loose toilet lever without water in the tank.

Now look for the metal nut that secures the toilet lever to the inside of the tank. This is the nut that has come loose. Standard screws and other threaded hardware are forward threaded,but toilet lever nuts and screws are reverse-threaded with a plastic washer. This helps to prevent loosening overtime.

Use your adjustable wrench to tighten the nut. Do this by grasping the nut with your wrench and turning it clockwise. Continue turning the nut until you begin to feel resistance. Once you feel this resistance,make only a couple more turns until it is difficult to turn any more. Be careful to not overdo it and accidentally crack the tank.

Next,test the lever’s tightness and performance by pressing it as if you were flushing the toilet. If it does not compress well,it is too tight and you will need to loosen it by one or two rotations. Loosen counterclockwise with your wrench.

Finish by turning your water supply to the toilet back on.


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July 3, 2019 admin 0

Des Plaines,a suburb located west of Downtown Chicago,is looking to create a “second downtown” according to city leaders and other officials. The same officials say that the new downtown area of Des Plaines would have many restaurants,stores and plenty more business apartments for those who live and work in the area and need a place to live. While not the “official” downtown,this area of Des Plaines will bring a once-dead area of the city back to live with a variety of exciting projects.

Many officials and residents have noted that the area on Oakton St. doesn’t have many short-term rental options,and that with a new downtown area planned there,it would be an opportunity to create some housing solutions for these people. Even though the area is quiet,it doesn’t have to be,many city leaders argue.

“I think we’ve all become accustomed to them being quiet,” 3rd Ward Alderman Denise Rodd said to a local news reporter earlier this month in Des Plaines. “It’s really dead. There’s no activity on that section of Oakton.”

A new plan to finance this endeavor is working its way through city government now,something that is expected to take a little bit of time and effort to ensure that the process is done correctly. Funds will be diverted from a tax increment and will be used to fund this project.

There’s a chance that other districts may be hit with new taxes,including Cook County,Maine Township High School District 207,Des Plaines District 62,Oakton Community College,the Des Plaines Park District and Des Plaines Library District.

This project is obviously one of the main projects that will receive funding from the diverted money,but other projects would include things like sidewalk repair,street improvements,park enhancements,and many other things that make the community as a whole a better place to live and raise a family.